F-PM011 Shut down & Turn around Management

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Project Description

This course is designed to bridge the above mentioned gap. It will provide turnaround managers and engineers with enough knowledge and skills to understand the purpose of the turnaround, to properly plan and manage the turnaround, and to achieve exponential results of their turnaround project. The course will teach participants how to establish a systematic turnaround management processes and procedures that incorporate the best turnaround practices, planning techniques and execution strategies.

Why attend

The course will cover the emerging industry trends, turnaround benchmarking and the challenges faced by plant executives to consistently achieve pacesetter results on plant shutdowns and turnarounds. We will teach you how to fairly balance your business, marketing and financial goals with your plant needs for mechanical integrity and operational reliability. We will show you how to focus on risk areas, early work scope definition, high-performance initiatives, the assignment of qualified staff and the best practice contracting strategy. Upon the completion of this course, you will have good knowledge to perform World-Class turnarounds.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

    • Apply systematic techniques in the shutdown, turnaround and troubleshooting of process plants
    • Implement the special needs of time constrained projects (24/7)
    • Identify the work to be accomplished for the shutdown project
    • Plan to meet deadlines & complete turnaround projects on time within budget
    • Apply shutdown best practices
    • Plan, lead, organize, control and co-ordinate shutdown type projects
    • Schedule the work effectively
    • Manage resources effectively
    • Implement feedback systems
    • Identify risks and manage these effectively
    • Reporting and documenting the shutdown activity

Who should attend

This course is intended for those involved directly or indirectly in the plant shutdown and turnaround operations. This includes maintenance and project staff such as managers, engineers, planners, supervisors and other technical people.

Course Outline

Course Introduction and Fundamentals of Shutdowns Course Expectations ● Shutdowns and Project Management – Unique Features

Types of plant shutdown, Annual shutdowns (preventive/predictive), Urgent shutdowns (breakdowns) etc.

Structure of the Shutdown Compiling and Defining the Scope of Work and Budget ● Operations & Maintenance Inputs ● Kickoff Meeting Agenda – Structured Group Interviews ● Identifying Pre-Shutdown and Start-up Work ● Validating the Work

Macro vision of the Functions in the plant shutdown Planning

Structure of the Shutdown Planning Lead Time – Planning Phase is Actually a Project on its own ● Project Work Hours and Shifts ● Project Charter and Scope Control ● Risks Assessment ● Quality Control Requirements ● Checklists and Action Item Lists ●

Planning Processes and their Application. The Planning Tasks Cycle ● Work Breakdown Structure, Organization Breakdown Structure ● Activity Lists ● Activity Information Determination- Duration, Resources, Costs ● Dealing with Uncertainty in Job Estimates ● Class Tasks


Base-line Plan, with Budget Approval, Work Milestones and Constraints ● Network and Dependencies ● Gantt Charts – Master and Daily Schedules ● Resource Planning ● Cash Requirement and Flow Planning ● Confirming the Shutdown Budget

Organizing and People Management Organizing the Shutdown Project Team–Selecting the Manager ● Organizing Contracts and Procurement ● Tracking Shutdown Materials ● Coordinating Support Equipment.

Turnaround overview: context and strategy, initiating the Turnaround, Validating the work scope, Shutdown Contract Management, Scope Development Execution and Closure:

  • Current methods verses best practices, • Specific turnaround goals and objectives

Understanding— turnaround priorities, performance enumeration scales that align

Contractor packages, Planning the Turnaround, • Aligning turnaround projects and modifications Barriers and keys for the success of a plant shutdown, Class Tasks

Work Documentation Needed and its Organization ● Organizing the Store and Procurement Processes (Before and During) ● Organizing Progress Feedback ● Organizing Start-up and Handover Work Packages

Execution and Feedback Methods and Documentation ● Meetings ● Materials Management ● Accounting – Time and Materials Systems for Feedback ● Timeous Staging ● Quality, Safety and Activity Completion ● Time and Materials Systems for Feedback ● Timeous Staging ● Tracking Shutdown Materials ● Coordinating Support Equipment ● Quality, Safety and Activity Completion ●

Logistics ,  Cost control ,  The safety plan -Shutdown Safety, Risk in Shutdown,  The quality plan ,  The communications package ,  Executing the Turnaround , Pre-shutdown Job, Class Tasks

Control of Shutdown – Review of Day 3 Work Methods of Control ● Time Control from Feedback ● Money Control from Feedback

Scope Change and Impact Control ● Project Acceleration ● Class Tasks

Contractor Controls and Safety Control, Starting up and Handover Schedules and Checklists ● Completion Sign off Certificates ● Payment Certificates (as Applicable) ● Accounting Reports ● Payment of Contractors

Equipment Inspections and operations Shutdown Control, Joint Integrity, Commissioning, Terminating the Turnaround

Shutdown Groups Workshop Briefing and Group Selection ● Shutdown Planning in Groups per Briefing, Shutdown Plan Presentation, Summary, Open Forum and Closing, Class Tasks

The workshop

This interactive training course includes the following training methodologies as presented on the next column based on percentage of the total tuition hours:



Workshops & Work presentation


Case Studies & Practical Exercises


Videos, Sofware & General Discussion


The course instructor may modify the above training methodology before or during the course for technical reasons with no prior notice to participants.

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