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Falcon is a company resolute on providing the best possible quality services in the fields of training and consultancy, as well as energy, environment, health and safety technologies.

Falcon was founded by a dedicated highly experienced group of professionals specialized on strategic planning, environmental management and development projects’ implementation.

Falcon partners and instructors provide advanced non-formal, business–oriented learning services based on the ISO 29993/2017.

Our company takes training very seriously as we believe that knowledge is power and success.

It is true, that in the modern corporate world education is increasingly regarded as a business oriented service, which plays an important role in the successful management of organizations.

Falcon is dedicated to supporting customers, conducting an assessment of their training needs and thus providing them with suitable programs.

The proposed solution includes the typical in-house or public courses but could also be a combination of classroom courses, e-learning and live webinars. An acceptable time frame is worked out to meet the participants’ requirements, without their full-time presence in the classroom, which is not always effective for adult learners.