F-ME012 Reciprocating Compressors Operation and Maintenance

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Project Description

This course is a comprehensive, highly practical and interactive course that the participants shall have an opportunity to discuss reciprocating compressors operations and maintenance issues and be provided with the most up-to-date information with best practice in dealing with the subject.

Why attend

The course is designed to provide a thorough perspective of reciprocating compressor technology in terms of selection, operation, maintenance and repair. Topics covered include reciprocating compressor terminology, packing, mechanical seals and sealing systems, bearings, couplings and other vital components.

At the completion of the course, participant will be able to recognize the various applications of reciprocating compressors; recognize the design and materials for compressor components; review and improve the operation and maintenance of reciprocating compressors; carryout overhauling and repairing techniques of reciprocating compressors; apply troubleshooting to various compressor problems; identify the importance of preventive maintenance of reciprocating compressors; and emphasize the safety in the operation and maintenance and reciprocating compressors.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply and gain an in-depth knowledge on reciprocating compressors and their various applications.

  • Recognize the design and materials for compressor components.

  • Review and improve the operation and maintenance of reciprocating compressors.

  • Carryout overhauling and repairing techniques of reciprocating compressors.

  • Employ troubleshooting to various compressor problems.

  • Identify the importance of preventive maintenance for reciprocating compressors.

  • Emphasize the safety in the operation and maintenance of reciprocating compressors.

Who should attend

This course provides an overview of all significant aspects and considerations of reciprocating compressors for engineers, managers and other technical staff in all industries using reciprocating compressors.

Course Outline

  • Introduction , Definition of compressors? ,
  • How Compressors operate, Types of Compression , Types of Compressors ,
  • Pressure , Pressure Definitions Associated with Compressors ,
  • Theory of Reciprocating Compressors , Features of Reciprocating Compressors ,
  • Compressor  Selection , Reciprocating Compressor Cylinder Arrangements
  • Materials of Manufacture,
  • Non-Lubricated or Oil-Free Cylinder Construction ,
  • Piston Rod Column or Frame Loading .
  • Basics for Reciprocating Compressors ,
  • Compressor Piping and Pulsation ,
  • Design Overview of Labyrinth ,
  • Piston Compressors.
  • Lubrication of Reciprocating Compressors
  • Operational Problems and Maintenance of Compressor Valves
  • Compressor Piston Rod Packing , Compressor Control Systems , Compressor Cylinder Cooling
  • Non-Lubricated Compressor Maintenance , Labyrinth-Piston Compressors
  • Rule of Thumb for General Running Clearances , Compressor Alignment , Web Deflection Measurements
  • Compressor Cylinder Alignment , Foundation Problems and Repairs , Compressor Bearing Maintenance and Replacement
  • Cylinder Repair and Maintenance , Compressor Piston Maintenance , Rebuilding Compressor Pistons
  • Installing Pistons, Other Component Repairs , Part Replication
  • Introduction , Compressor Problems , Characteristic Compressor Problems ,
  • Troubleshooting Lubrication Systems ,
  • Importance of Inter-Cooler Pressures , Inter-Stage Pressures
  • Belt Drives , Motor Controls , Diagnostic Tests ,
  • Estimating Reciprocating Compressor Condition Using Ultrasound and Vibration Patterns ,
  • Compressor Service Technician Reports , Basic Air Compressor System Evaluation
  • Understanding chromatographic separation
  • Chromatography system components
  • Carrier Gases
  • Chromatography Columns
  • Injectors and Detectors
  • Gas Chromatography– Mass Spectrometry
  • Introduction , Compressor Maintenance , Emergency Repairs should be Minimized
  • Effectiveness of Preventive Maintenance , Compressor Preventive Maintenance Program
  • Spare Parts Vendor Selection , Personnel Training , Maintenance Contractors
  • Predictive Maintenance , Joined Condition Monitoring Systems


  • Basic Safety Rules, Lock-Out/Tag-Out Program , Safe Maintenance
  • Valve Installation, Fires and Explosions, Summary, Air Piping

The workshop

This interactive training course includes the following training methodologies as presented on the next column based on percentage of the total tuition hours:



Workshops & Work presentation


Case Studies & Practical Exercises


Videos, Sofware & General Discussion


The course instructor may modify the above training methodology before or during the course for technical reasons with no prior notice to participants.

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